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Flag this Making mistress shave cock using the icons above! You have already reported for this video! Please give the reason for reporting the video Please write the reason! Please copy the code: Stinky Pete 02 April, No mole you got that right daddy that shit is NASTY with a capital N that hole probably smells like a rancid fox hole for sure clean that stinking thing out fumigate it for gods sake. Ike 01 August, Smooth 27 March, Anonymous 10 November, I usually cum as wife shaves me,but theres always more for her afterwards.

NiceAndSlippery 21 September, I won't have sex with any guy unless he's completely shaved and smooth. Why did she stop? Average guy 19 August, Love the shaved pussy, Making mistress shave cock and balls.

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I bet she stunk real bad. Fortesque 23 June, Please wait The comment field is required. Thank you! Your comment has been sent for review. I shave Making mistress shave cock genitals every couple of days leaving a small patch above my penis.

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I also shave up to my chest leaveing chest hair. I trim all my arm, leg and body hair really short but still visable.

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I really enjoy it short it feels so good just wish I would have done it sooner. Cant stand hair. Making mistress shave cock actually get my balls and cock waxed, just like a lady when she has a brazilian.

This makes it really smooth and silky.

I love keeping my husband's schlong and balls clean and smooth. Here I am shaving them while my husband films my huge boobs. I think he wants me to ride his cock after shaving Making mistress shave cock I shaved the balls and pubes of my husband and rode his cock. Javascript is turned off in your browser. Some features of this page Making mistress shave cock not work correctly. Video Url. Two kir in kox Mistress cock Making shave.

Hurts a bit when it is done, but hey I quite enjoy the pain that goes Making mistress shave cock it. Jeff August 1, 3: I just read an article that polled women who shaved their men and the consensus is it had a Making mistress shave cock effect on submissiveness. This was done to me I did the shaving using a disposable razor and if you ask her the effect was immediate and undeniable.

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RL September 21, She likes it too. It works pretty well. Do NOT use on penis Making mistress shave cock scrotum: However, on suprapubic region and chest, no problem; on armpits, just a little transitory tingling. I find that a regular Mach 2 type razor and Edge work just fine for all areas. Also just about all the guys with good arms shave their armpits.

I have shaved scrotum and around Making mistress shave cock anus for many years. It just feels more comfortable and cleaner.


I had my first pubic shave for prostate surgery, and was not allowed back into the gym until 2 months after, by which time it started Making mistress shave cock grow in, but not by much. No one at the gym has said anything, or even looked at me sidelong. BTW, it will NOT make your penis look bigger, unless it is rather big to Making mistress shave cock with and you have a completely flat stomach.

Shaving has no inherent meaning other than what we ascribe to it. My partners usually found it neat and more inviting for oral sex - which was reason enough to keep doing it. That, and my wife likes the look. Tom Allen September 28, I have shaved myself Making mistress shave cock many years but my married lover of a few years just tried it and I think likes it.

Neighbortoy September 28, I have been shaving for 20 years all body parts and would not even think of it grow back. My wife shaved Adelgazar 10 kilos but she did not like the look and the up keep each day to keep it smooth. I have wanted to shave my body for years, but social pressures prevented me from doing it permanently.

Once, before I was Making mistress shave cock, I shaved my chest, stomach, pubis and legs.

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My girlfriend was very angry and we had a major fight. I was also very ashamed after I had done it and avoided having anyone see me until my hair had grown Making mistress shave cock completely. I learned first hand that the re-growth period was itchy and uncomfortable.

Still, shaving continued to be a major fantasy. I am an exhibitionist who enjoys wearing g-strings to the beach. In our community any display of pubic hair is a major faux pas and trimming or shaving body hair to one degree or another is mandatory. Making mistress shave cock most daring among us are shaved Making mistress shave cock smooth from the neck down, but that is more talked about than practiced.

Even today, many thongers are concerned about Making mistress shave cock shorts and t-shirts in public after they leave the beach. Fortunately Making mistress shave cock married a lady who understood and supported my exhibitionist desires. As my g-strings got smaller and smaller Adelgazar 72 kilos had to remove more hair. Finally my suits became so tiny that I had to shave my pubis completely.

At that point leaving everything else looked kind of silly, and so I took a deep breath and shaved everything except my arms. At first my wife was a bit put off. The suit features a built-in cock ring that pulls my penis and scrotum down and a latex strap that pulls everything back and almost flat against my crotch. The result is an almost total flattening of my male organs to the point where it looks and feels like I have vulva. Mistress ordered me to complete the look by shaving my arms, Making mistress shave cock and feet, and she gave me rhinestone anklets and toe rings to wear as accessories.

Now I am no longer hesitant to display my true nature in public. I am proud to display my perfectly shaved, feminized body to all who happen to see me. I know that laser treatments are painful, and the secessions you had while she was removing all of your hair must have Dietas faciles very exciting!

January 16, 8: Now, I shave even that. I have a female doctor who did not comment on my shaved genitals, but commented on my prince albert. Jan March 19, 1: I have been shaving my testicles and the shaft of my penis for about a year off and on.

By shaving it, it not only looks longer, but it feels longer.

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Well said, all. It was just experiment. My sexual experience has increased a lot. At the beginning Making mistress shave cock hair in such a way was very painfull, since I was really hairy everywhere, but now the hair growth seems to slow down and pain is not a concern anymore.

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I prefer epilation over shaving, because Adelgazar 30 kilos effect lasts longer and regrowing hair is not so sharp.

Has any of you tried photoepilation? I just recently trimmed all my pubic hair, not completely bald but i trimmed it short and neat. I really love it and I want to try shaving it completely bare but the thought of using a razor on my scrotum makes me a little nervous. RichS November 25, Each month, my wife, her sister, her mother, and her best friend, summon me Making mistress shave cock evaluation.

This began when we announced our engagement. It is Making mistress shave cock part of ensuring my suitability. My wife is less aggressive then the other women in the family do it was decided to include the others when I am being evaluated. While much more is involved, for this Making mistress shave cock, Ill say that shaving my body is part of th standard procedure.

Im posed in ways designed to provide access to the hard to reach spots.

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These are hugely revealing contortionist poses Making mistress shave cock also emphasize my commitment and humility. The shave is additional symbolism. OTrujillo3 January 30, My boyfriend was very upset when I first insisted that he keep himself bald-dicked, but he has stopped protesting and almost always is willingly hair free down below.

I discovered that the whole Making mistress shave cock women have with offering oral sex as often as theiur men wish is all about those darned little hairs men have. Now that he is bald, its not a problem at all. And I took him to the nude beach just to show it off, turns out not many nudists are into Making mistress shave cock and he was embarassed…. Jennifer April 12, 5: Soon after accepting my profession of servitude, Adelgazar 15 kilos Lady Making mistress shave cock i would benefit by a more boyish look around my masculine parts.

Now i am allowed to regrow a small patch just above the shaft and inside the line of the sac. Of course, this is one of the small privileges subject to forfeiture should i displease, a thing which has happened twice during the past year.

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Going bare facilitates easier and less painful instalation and removal of various rings and bands which it amuses my Lady to have me wear to discourage climax without permission and keep us hard until she is fully satisfied. My Lady is rather possessive of those parts which she considers to be her exclusive and special property and finds satisfaction in the increased attention to modesty which my Making mistress shave cock prompts at the gym. In this day and age a depilated body hardly causes a casual glance and a draped towel solves Making mistress shave cock problems on that account.

My Lady has read and approved this post. It is pleasant to think it would encourage others to experiment.

Typtros May 21, I am thinking Making mistress shave cock buying one of those home laser hair Making mistress shave cock systems and removing my pubic hair permanently. My wife likes me shaved. I don;t know if those home laser kits are safe, I would wait until they have a track record.

A laser burn in the scrotal area would be painful, embarassing to seek medical attention, and dangerous to the reproductive system. Be interesting to see if it works. I made a new game with my boyfriend, if he meets his weight loss target he could keep a little fuzz above his balls, if he is still too fat he goes bald to show submission to me.

Making mistress shave cock

So far, my more aggressive approach and my frequent applications of the cane to his bum are doing good work and he has already lost 8 lb. Jennifer January 2, I Making mistress shave cock been shaving my pubes for 14 years, and everything for the last 4 or 5. Was in a relationship with a woman who hated it and thought I was weird. RoxFan January 9, In our case, she has a wild and untamed bush but I am required to keep myself Making mistress shave cock and bare down below.

Any white hairs remaining will be removed by electrolysis.

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Also, I shave my pits but my Making mistress shave cock often grows out her pit hair in another body hair power exchange. So, yeah, this is a central theme in my submission. But there are other ways I submit too. Househusband March 4, I started shaving all my body hair years ago and willm never turn back.

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I also use a brazilian spa clay to Making mistress shave cock hair which leaves you ultra slick. My wife was against it at first Making mistress shave cock now loves it and makes me keep it slick and smooth for her sucking pleasure. Please stick to the topic of the entry. Forthright disagreement is fine as long as it is civil.

My thanks, Richard. Email Address never displayed.

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Down On My Knees Tentative speculations on power exchange and sadomasochism by a pansexual polyfetishist. COM No popups. Nothing to pay. I do this for fun. Comments Making mistress shave cock, When I had my prostate operations my genitals were shaved. Greetings, appy. Some guys do it because they feel it makes their penis look longer.

Making mistress shave cock

Honestly, it has no meaning for me. If Alexandra wanted me to shave my pubic hair I would. Thanks for raising an interesting topic.

When I Making mistress shave cock my prostate operations my genitals were shaved. When the hair started to grow again it felt really uncomfortable, so I started to shave them daily. It really feels good to me and my wife likes it too. Posted by: I do the shaving thing, simply because of the sensousness of Making mistress shave cock all…my mistress treats me as an equal and she likes the feel and sight of a well turned leg as much as I do. Love this site! Hottest amateur guy creampie Cock Making mistress shave.

Warm water and soap to remove oil and dirt that may cause the razor to drag. I naired myself once— not a good thinkg for the balls—- burned the skin off— I thought of taking up bicicling just to have a socially acceptable answer to shaving my legs— however, the powers at be, forbid that extensive shaving, Making mistress shave cock the point Making mistress shave cock moot. I use a Mach 3 razor with Edge Gel.

I love the way it feels and the way it looks. The Edge of Vanilla.

Making mistress shave cock

Well for the people that do shave everyday I give up thumbs up keep it smooth. Wonderful topic. Your feelings? Search Search this site: Comments herbootlicker on Beneath the Feet of Your Goddess: American dragon nude pics.

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